Lineage 2: Korin

Season One:
The New Adventurer
35X Custom Server.

A new way to play Lineage!
Some features, farm, bosses, zones and unique custom items!

  • Comfortable Leveling
  • Real Class Balance
  • Intense PVP and PVE
  • Unique Items from farm

Welcome to the Season One

Release only up to S-Grade items.
Finally, the beginning. In our first season we will only have a few systems released and also a limitation on the farm. You will have the opportunity to be on top within the server quickly and effectively.

Lineage 2: Korin - The New Adventurer.

    Episode 1:
    Season of the New Adventurer

    It's time to show your courage, with equipment shortages and difficulty against monsters, your willpower is what will make you rise from the ashes and become a power adventurer.

    Episode 2: New way to be a Hero!

    Now you have the chance to get a new weapon, stronger in every way, it's time to feel like a hero, and even if you don't have that title, everyone will see you as one.

    Episode 3: Time to show who's boss!

    We met the epic bosses, fought them, and were rewarded for it, it's time to see it paid off! We will be blessed through your jewels, but this blessing will come at a high cost, in addition to the extreme requirement of courage and patience, but in the end, but in the end, you will feel the power to become the real boss.


    The new Frost Lord, Glakias, appears and is waiting in his castle for brave warriors who wish to face him. He fights it with your fellow bosses to get the amazing new Frost weapons. The new Frost Lord Skills will grant you an amazing power that will help you in this hard challenge.

    Why play on Lineage 2: Korin?

    Project Essence reworked essence features to improve players gameplay. We are excited to find out what you think about our essence free to play friendly server!

    New Class

    In Project Essence, we have a new Class Rebalance, which we believe will bring a lot of more variety in terms of classes. We believe all the classes are way more viable in Project Essence World compared to retail Essence.

    New Frost Lord

    The new World Session Zone: Frost Lord's Castle is available in Project Essence World. Defeat the powerful Glakias and earn incredible rewards such as the New Special Armor: Armor of Protection.

    New Raid

    Defeat all the newest Raid Bosses from the Essence chronicle. Every day new Raid Bosses and new challenges will be waiting for you in Project Essence World. Gather up a powerful group and fight against these new creatures.

    New Frost
    Lord Weapons

    The newest Frost Lord Weapons are available in Project Essence World. Defeat the new Frost Lord monsters and Raid Bosses to earn Frost Lord's Weapon Crystal and Black Frozen Core, which will be used to craft the new Frost Lord's Weapons. Each Weapon type has different abilities.

    Community Videos

    Take some time to watch the amazing videos produced by our player community. Please, contact our team if you would like your video to be shown here as well.